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ACT and SAT - The SAT and ACT are two different tests which are often used in the admissions process for many colleges. A student's scores on them can influence which colleges and universities they are accepted to. The scores are also taken into consideration for many scholarships. Since students sometimes perform better on one test or the other, we recommend they take both the ACT and SAT at least once. After taking both tests, we recommend students sign up to take at least one of them a second time to try to improve their scores. Statistically, many students will see a bump in their SAT and ACT scores the second time they test.

  • When should students begin taking the SAT/ACT? - Students can sign up to take the test at any time in grades 9-12; however, SAT and ACT report that students score higher as juniors than they do as a freshmen or sophomores. With this in mind, we recommend students begin testing in their eleventh grade year. Below are the SAT and ACT schedules for this year:

  • FREE SAT and ACT - The SAT and ACT can be costly; however, students on free or reduced lunch qualify for two waivers for the SAT and two waivers for the ACT. The earliest a student can be given a waiver is the child's junior year. Please be advised that students on free/reduced lunch only get two waivers per test between junior and senior year and not two waivers per test per year. Students can request waivers from the college and career counselor.

  • FREE Test Prep for the SAT and ACT - There are several FREE resources available for our students to prepare for the tests.
  • Testing Accommodations - In order for students to receive accommodations on the SAT or ACT, they must apply for accommodations and submit certain documentation to the testing companies. SAT and ACT will review the information and approve or deny a student's request based on the documentation. For more information on SAT and ACT accommodations visit the websites below or speak with your student's guidance counselor.

  • More information - for more information regarding the SAT or ACT, please visit their websites:

PERT - The PERT is a test used by the Florida College System for course placement and recommendation purposes. Some students in high school must take the PERT based on their prior test performance while others will elect to take the test to get into Dual Enrollment classes.

  • HCC Test Center Hours - students electing to take the PERT can do so at any HCC campus. The test is administered on a computer and given on a walk in basis. Families can find the HCC testing hours here.

  • Free test prep - Here is a free PERT Study Guide.
  • Free PERT Math Practice Tests -
End of Course Exams - Florida Virtual School provides valuable resources for families trying to prepare students for End of Course Exams.