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Internet Safety

As student of Spoto High School do you use the Internet or other technology including your mobile phone to do any of the following to other students or teenagers?

        - threaten
        - harass
        - humiliate
        - embarrass

If you do, then you are a CYBERBULLY! You may feel secure behind the 'annonymity' of your computer or technology device, but you always leave 'tracks' and you can be found. Don't waste your time and jeopardize your future behind these unproductive activities. Use the Internet and those marvels of technology to help you to become a top notch citizen of your school and society. Be a proud SPARTAN, not a CYBERBULLY!

Tech News and Tips

Technology at Spoto High

Technology has made a huge difference at Spoto High, and it is imperative that we use it in a responsible manner. For students, it means that you must take care of the peripherals - headphones, microphones, mice, keyboards and the system units and monitors. The District's financial capabilities are not unlimited, and parents, you have to ensure that your children take care of our resources.

Students, the use of proxies are illegal and can land you before the courts, which can impact negatively on your lives - stop using them. If you see any kind of resource abuse, report it to your teachers - we will keep you annonymous.



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